Our ninth update is planned to go live 9/29/2018 at around 8-10 PST.

It will be available for download HERE.

Major Updates

– Matchmaking
– Parties
– Complete User Interface Overhaul
– Steam Integration (login)
– Various bugfixes
– Tons of new bugs

Detailed List

– Solo 3 mission tuning
– New Practice level
– Goals fixed on Midnight Ridge
– Timed platform glitches fixed
– Movement 1 mission tuning
– Sliding down walls fix (no longer stick to seams)
– Slidable slope / landing fixes
– Collectable indicators improved
– Swimming (no levels have swimming, but its in there)
– Throwing (not available yet in levels)
– Distant background entities (pretty stuff in distance) fixes
– Crash collection client
– Performance improvements
– New Startup intro movie