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BrackenSack: a Dashkin™ Game

Brackensack Update 1

Posted on January 6, 2018  in Announcements

Our first update is going live tonight 1/6/2018 at 8PM PST.

Major Updates

– A brand new level ‘Midnight Ridge’ is now available!
– Massive performance improvements
– Fixed crippling client & server performance-over-time issues
– Ball indicator improvements
– Control improvements
– Bugfixes

Detailed List

– Shift and control keys mappable
– Graphics issue with outline in darkness
– Emissive color not working in level
– Audio still plays when focus lost
– Z-fighting with player & ball sprite
– Make wall jump easier (jump will auto-wall jump you)
– Left & Right for menu nav
– Make bots not talk
– Reset player when out of level
– Remove antic from jump
– Greatly increase back to splash time
– Controller only works when window has focus
– Issues with start button on post-game screen
– Issues with button presses tripping next screen input in UI
– Change UI for controls to be ‘face button top’ etc
– Remove fading for level start / end (perf issues with UI)
– t-key etc for chat switching
– Remove HUD elements in training level
– Infinite login issue
– Twitch logo is wrong in stats UI
– Audio sometimes doesn’t play on level join
– Client performance degredation
– Server performance degredation
– Disconnect flow not working properly
– Physics material specific angular damping
– Fix arrow keys moving selection in text fields in UI
– Ball indicator speed
– Ball indicator shake
– Ball indicator hit color
– Midnight Ridge map
– Goal-specific FX for score
– New ball hookup up
– Download links on redemption page
– Optimized foliage

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