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BrackenSack: a Dashkin™ Game

Brackensack Update 2

Posted on January 24, 2018  in Announcements

Our second update is going live 1/27/2018 at ~8PM PST.

It will be available for download HERE.

Major Updates

– A brand new level ‘Dark Forest’ is now available!
– Nonstandard Gamepad Support
– Host your own Dedicated Servers!
– Servers now rotate through a playlist of maps!
– Performance Optimizations

Detailed List

– UI resolution scaling optimizations
– Foliage shadows and gpu performance improvements on most assets
– Physics collision fixes for missing hits
– Stats UI scrolls properly
– Bots don’t move after game is finished
– Screen transition effect for when game is over
– Twitch profile picture *should* be in the right spots now in stats UI
– NAT test call in ‘host game’ options
– Changed the low hit collision with ball
– New effects for player and ball interactions with environment
– Telemetry collection fixes
– Admin passwords for dedicated servers
– Game transition issues with system clock fixed
– Automatic relogin when connection to backend is dropped
– 120 hour dedicated server non-responsive fix
– Per level colors and ball physics overrides
– New effects when recovery from stun
– Brand new SFX for most player actions
– Wall hang / Wall jump animations
– Brand new music for Dark Forest level
– Website improvements to clarify download flow

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