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BrackenSack: a Dashkin™ Game

Month: February 2018

Brackensack Update 3

Posted on February 17, 2018  in Announcements

Our third update is going live 2/17/2018 at ~8PM PST.

It will be available for download HERE.

Major Updates

– New game options such as Stealth mode and Sticky-Ball!
– Players can vote on the next map and game mode
– Customize your own playlists on your own servers!
– Improved Punch / Kick accuracy!
– Massive amounts of bugfixes

Detailed List

– AI critical updates
– Multiple ball indicators supported
– Balls collide with each other
– Stealth mode
– Switch teams
– Double / Triple jump / Animations
– New bigger servers located in Rackspace
– Team indicators
– Data-driven playlist for dedicated servers
– Overhauled in-game UI
– Sudden death added for tie-games
– Game mode voting
– Fixes for input customization
– Fixes for ‘stubbing your toe’ in night level
– Bots use extra jumps
– Bots ‘respect’ stealth mode
– Player ribbon FX improvements
– Fix for disconnect and score server crash
– Fix for infinite victory FX played in post-game
– Walkable slope issues fixed in practice room
– Winners dance
– Really dumb implementation of emotes to spam
– Fix ‘tiny fatsack’ spawning issue
– Fix for spaces in path names making launching dedicated servers impossible
– Fix for no sound over network with wall collisions
– Fix for players not being able to hit each other when spawning in new map
– Fix for passwords now working for custom games
– Team names brought back
– Game mode customizations for :
-| ball physics
-| AI
-| Ball sticky
-| Team indicators
-| Stealth mode
-| Contact
-| Team Switch
-| Air jumps