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BrackenSack: a Dashkin™ Game

Month: March 2018

Brackensack Update 4

Posted on March 7, 2018  in Announcements

Our fourth update is going live 3/10/2018 at ~8PM PST.

It will be available for download HERE.

Major Updates

– A Brand new level ‘Forest Night’
– New Original Music!
– Beautiful new Main Menu
– Vote to add bots to public servers!
– More Bugs
– More Bug Fixes

Detailed List

– Names for moves fixed
– Training room UI skip
– Credits screen exit bug fixed
– Start Btn Triggering pause menu fix
– Tuning for dedicated server physics
– More obvious vote countdown
– Ending music playing infinitely fix
– Lights in forest level sticking to players
– Game options entry fields selectable
– UI level hookups
– Game browser shows game modes for current game
– Game browser shows current playlist for server
– Victory & defeat screens fixed
– Network sync improvements for double jump
– Goal collision fixes in grasslands night
– Icons fixed for shipping build
– Installer prerequisites fixed for shipping build
– Game mode options show up when join-in-progress
– Game options now work for dedicated servers
– Fixed multiple wall impacts on networked actors
– Slash opens chat menu
– Player indicator overhaul
– Emotes overhaul
– UI driven mouse cursor
– UI level ambient noise
– Generic voting system
– Lots of UI bug fixes
– Improvements to Forest Day level
– UI screen improvements
-| Kick player
-| End match
-| Add / Remove bots
-| Increase / Decrease max players
-| Balance teams