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BrackenSack: a Dashkin™ Game

Brackensack Update 5

Posted on April 4, 2018  in Announcements

Our fifth update is going live 4/7/2018 at ~8PM PST.

It will be available for download HERE.

Major Updates

– Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal, and All-Time leaderboards
– Sort by playstyle and climb your way up the rankings!
– Official and Private stats
– User profile for stats
– User history for stats
– More Bugs
– More Bug Fixes

Detailed List

– stats reporting for non-official servers
– stats reporting for official servers
– infrastructure setup for future mission system
– basic profile flag
– basic profile badge
– 3d ball
– various improved UI screens
– new viewpoints in main menu
– anti-aliasing fixed (was disabled due to bug)
– lower server framerate (60 fps now instead of 100fps)

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